Did you 'like' Russian propaganda? Facebook will clue you in

Nov 22, 2017

Did you 'like' Russian propaganda? Facebook will clue you in ... up to a point

Facebook apologizes to Mafia boss family after posts removed

Nov 22, 2017

Facebook is apologizing to the family of Italy's Mafia "boss of bosses" for having removed messages of condolences that flowed in after his death last week

Small retailers aim for emotional ties big chains may lack

Nov 22, 2017

The smallest retailers will tug at shoppers' heartstrings during the holidays, aiming for an emotional experience big chains don't provide

Police: arm found at sea carries hallmark of submarine case

Nov 22, 2017

Copenhagen police say the arm found in the sea south of the Danish capital, was held down "with plastic strips and pieces of pipes" like what was found on the legs of Swedish journalist who went missing after a trip on a private submarine in August

Mexico's program to protect journalists struggles to work

Nov 22, 2017

Candido Rios became the first reporter in Mexico's program to protect journalists to be slain, sending a chilling message to anyone else relying on it to stay safe

Olympic champion Gabby Douglas says team doctor abused her

Nov 22, 2017

Olympic champion gymnast Gabby Douglas says she is among the group of athletes sexually abused by a former team doctor

China says ex-top internet regulator under investigation

Nov 22, 2017

China's former top internet regulator and censor is being investigated by the ruling Communist Party's anti-corruption arm

CBS News and PBS cut ties to Rose following sex allegations

Nov 22, 2017

CBS News fires Charlie Rose after several women accused him of sexual misconduct

John Hall, director of AP's State Photo Center, dies at 74

Nov 22, 2017

John Hall, who ended a 41-year career in journalism as director of The Associated Press' State Photo Center, has died.

AT&T suit may herald a new antitrust era - or Trumpian pique

Nov 22, 2017

Federal opposition to the AT&T-Time Warner merger could mark expanded antitrust efforts -- unless it's just a Trumpian one-off

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