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Palestinian president says no role for US in peace process

Dec 13, 2017

Abbas: Palestinians won't accept any role for US in Mideast peace process after Trump's recognition of Jerusalem

Ex-king Michael's coffin arrives in Romania ahead of funeral

Dec 13, 2017

A coffin carrying the body of the late Romanian King Michael I has arrived at Bucharest's airport from Switzerland ahead of his funeral this weekend

Suspected Saudi-led coalition airstrikes kill 15 in Yemen

Dec 13, 2017

Yemeni rebel officials say suspected Saudi-led airstrikes have killed at least 10 people in the rebel-held capital, Sanaa

European Central Bank in no hurry to yank stimulus

Dec 13, 2017

The European Central Bank is not expected to announce big changes to its monetary policy on Thursday but will instead be scrutinized for its views on the future, including how it might eventually end its stimulus program.

Global companies snared in South Africa's corruption scandal

Dec 13, 2017

Major global companies snared in growing South African corruption scandal around president

Hong Kong judges to consider UK banker's murder appeal

Dec 13, 2017

Hong Kong judges will consider a British banker's appeal of his conviction in the grisly murders of two Indonesian women

France seeks ways to boost anti-jihadi force in Africa

Dec 13, 2017

French President Francois Macron is convening presidents, princes and diplomats to breathe life into a young African military force with a mission to counter the growing threat jihadi threat in the Sahel region

The Latest: Abbas: UN should lead Mideast peace process

Dec 13, 2017

The Latest: Abbas says UN should take charge of Mideast peace process since Washington no longer 'fit' for the task.

UK pay rates up but still lagging behind price rises

Dec 13, 2017

Official figures are showing wages in Britain creeping up but still lagging the rise in prices, meaning working households continue to experience a real-terms pay cut as they ready for Christmas

UN court to hear appeal in Serbian lawmaker's acquittal

Dec 13, 2017

Prosecutors are set to explain to United Nations judges why they believe that the 2016 acquittal of a Serbian ultranationalist on war crimes and crimes against humanity charges should be overturned on appeal

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